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Sponsor a Kitten Program

For those of you who have always wanted to help out a kitty but couldn’t adopt for various reasons, our Sponsor a Kitten program is perfect for you.

We want you to experience the connection of helping a kitten, even if you cannot or are not ready to bring one home!

For a one time fee of $50, you’ll help provide the care and support required to prepare a kitten for adoption. 

PLUS, we’ll send you a photo of the kitten that you are sponsoring!



You can start the process of sponsoring a kitten by checking out our available kittens on Adopt a Pet.


Once you have chosen a kitten you want to sponsor, send us an email with the subject line "sponsor," and we'll follow up with you! 

By sponsoring a kitten, you are making an impact by providing the financial support needed to get a kitten into his or her forever home!

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