How We Got Started

Our Mission at Billy The Kidden Rescue is to improve the lives of displaced cats and kittens and reduce feral cat populations in Hampton Roads by socializing outdoor-born & unwanted kittens for adoption into forever homes.

Billy the Kidden Rescue began in the summer of 2013 as founder and executive director, Becca Ostman, was battling cancer. “Cancer was claiming my spirit, winning, when a friend brought me a kitten to foster, to perk me up. Billy was my first 'Foster Fail.' Through him, I realized there were beings on this planet far worse off than myself. So I started fighting to save my own life and grabbing every lost, homeless, injured and abandoned kitten I found along the way.”

Becca said the only way she could avoid becoming a Crazy Cat Lady was to turn her passion for homeless and feral kittens into a legitimate rescue and become the person connecting these neglected and rejected babies with loving homes.

In 2015, the formal organization began and during that year, our small, yet rapidly growing “Trapping Army” TNRd (Trapped, Neutered, Vaccinated, and Released or Relocated) 122 cats. We, the “Foster Army” socialized over 85 kittens and found homes for them that first year.

In 2016, we TNR’d 522 cats and found forever homes for 344 kittens and cats. Currently, BTKR, as it is known around town, has become a federally recognized 501c3 non-profit agency and is a VDAC approved rescue. 

Director Becca Ostman